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Want Notoriety? Become a Published Author!

 In today’s business market, it’s expected and often necessary to be a published author.

  • Gain recognition and become the authority, celebrity, and expert in your industry, marketplace, and business community.

  • Create a dramatic difference in marketing and communication to stand above the competition.

  • Command the respect of your clients.

  • Create business credibility and exposure.

  • Be identified as a leader and express your interpersonal skills.

Your book is a tool for building credibility and visibility. It is a persuasive pre-sales presentation for building relationships and approaching clients. Your book creates awareness of your mission and you.

Placed in the hands of its intended audience, your book generates business and exposure.

  • Command higher speaking and consulting fees using your book as a platform and as back-of-the-room sales.
  • Present your book as a gift and promotional giveaway.
  • Send to potential associates and JV partners as a gift to engage and open the lines of communication.
  • Offer a free copy as an incentive for consultation.
  • Own your ‘Published Author’ status to open new doors of opportunity.
  • Create a platform to build your business and add related programs and products.
  • Doors Open!